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Waec Physics Practical 2023 Alternative B

Waec Physics Practical 2023 Alternative B

Preparing for the WAEC Physics Practical examination in alternative B can be challenging for many candidates. It often involves understanding the questions and providing accurate answers. In this guide, I will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to help you excel in the WAEC Physics Practical examination and achieve a high grade.

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Before tackling any question in the WAEC Physics Practical examination, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the marking scheme. This will enable you to structure your answers in a manner that captivates the examiner and maximizes your chances of scoring high marks.

It is important to note that marks are awarded for each step involved in the experimental procedure. Therefore, it is essential to meticulously report and present your practical results, ensuring that no step is skipped. Neglecting any part of the procedure may result in a deduction of marks, so attention to detail is vital.

Additionally, keep in mind that units play a significant role in the marking scheme. Providing the appropriate units for measurements and quantities demonstrates your grasp of the subject matter and enhances the accuracy of your answers. Remember to consistently include units throughout your responses to ensure clarity and precision.

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By comprehending the WAEC Physics Practical marking scheme, adhering to the specified procedures, and meticulously including units, you can significantly enhance the appeal of your answers to the examiner and increase your chances of earning high marks.

WAEC Physics practical  Alternative B 2023 Questions

WAEC Physics PRACTICAL 2023 Questions and Answers: Get WAEC Physics PRACTICAL 2023 answers Objective and Essay. See free WAEC Physics Practical 2023 Questions and Answers & specimen.

Tuesday, 30th May, 2023
Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) – 09:30am – 12:15pm (1st Set),

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) – 12:45pm – 3:30pm (2nd Set)

Wednesday, 31st May, 2023
Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) – 09:30am – 12:15pm (1st Set)
Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) – 12:40pm – 3:25pm (2nd Set)

WAEC Practical Physics Questions and Answers, 31th May 2023

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(i) I avoided parallax error by placing my eyes vertically on the meter rule when taking my readings.

(ii) I avoided drought by closing the windows and switching off the fans

(iii) I avoided zero error by making necessary adjustment to the meter rule before starting my practicals.

Note: The questions below are for practice.

1. (a) you are provided with a pendulum bob,a metre rule, a stop watch,a retort stand with clamp and other necessary apparatus.

(i) Suspend the pundulum-bob from the clamp as illustrated inthe diagram.

(ii)adjust the pundulum such that AC = L = 90cm.

(iii) Displace the pendulum bob is slightly such that it oscilliates in a vertical plane

(iv) Measure and record the time t for 20 complete oscillations.

(iv) Evaluate T and the square root of L

(vi) Repeat the procedure for four other values of L = 80cm, 70cm, 60cm and 50cm.

(vii) Tabulate your readings

(viii) Plot a graph  with T on the Vertical axis and square root of L on the horizontal axis.

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(ix) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(x) Evaluate g = 4n2/S2 (xi) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

(b) (i) Determine from your graph the period of the pendulum for L = 75cm

(ii) A simple pendulum bob is set into simple harmonic motion. Sketch a diagram of the set up and indicate on it; the position of;

(a) Maximum Velocity;

(b) Maximum acceleration of the bob.

Question Number 2

2. (a) You are provided with a metre rule, lens, screen, ray box and other neccessary aparatus.

(i) Set up the experiment as shown in the diagram above. Measure and record the diameter a­­­­of the illuminated object.

(ii) Place the object at a distance x = 25cm from the lens. Adjust the screen until a sharp image is obtained on the screen.

(iii) Measure and record the diameter a, of the image.

(iv) Measure and record the distance v between the lens and the screen.

(v) Evaluate y a/ao , P = 1+y2/y and T = x + y,

(vi) Repeat the procedure for x = 30cm, 35cm, 40cm and 45cm. in each case, determine the corresponding values, a,v,y,P and T,

(vii) Tabulate your results

(viii) Plot a graph of P on the Vertical axis against T on the horizontal axis starting both axes from the origin (0.0).

(ix) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(x) Determine the intercept, c, on the horizontal axis.

(xi) Evaluate k = c/2

(xii) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

(b) (i) Explain the statement the focal length of a converging lens is 20cm.

(ii) An object is placed at a distance x from a converging lens of focal length 20cm. If the magnification of the real image formed by the lens is 5, calculate the value of x.

Question Number 3

(3) (a) You are provided with an ammeter, resistor, key, metre bridge and other necessary apparatus.

(i) Consider a circuit as shown  in the diagram above.

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(ii) Close the key and use the jockey to make contact with AB at N such that AN – d = 25cm.

(iii) Read and record the ammeter reading I.

(iv)  Evaluate I-1.

(v) Repeat the procedures for values of d = 35cm, 50cm, 65cm, and 80cm. In each case record I and determine I-1.

(vi) Tabulate your results.

(vii) Plot a graph with logI-1 on the vertical axis and d on the horizontal axis.

(viii) Determine the slope, s, of the graph .

(ix) State two precautions taken to obtain accurate results.

(b) (i) Use your graph to determine the value of d = I = 1.5 A. (

ii) State two factors which affect the resistance of a wire.


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In conclusion, preparing for the WAEC Physics Practical examination requires thorough understanding of the syllabus, practicing past questions, developing good laboratory skills, and paying attention to details. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, such as familiarizing yourself with the marking scheme, including all steps in your answers, and emphasizing the use of appropriate units, you can improve your chances of achieving a good grade. Remember to stay focused, manage your time effectively, and review your answers before submitting them. With dedication and consistent effort, you can excel in the WAEC Physics Practical examination and attain success. Best of luck!


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