Free Waec English language 2023 Expo Questions And Answers

Waec English language 2023 Expo Questions And Answers free


Our WAEC English Questions and Answers for the 2023/2024 session are out and will be given out free of charge to all the secondary school students currently sitting for WAEC.

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This article will give you a sort of expo on the types of questions you will likely see in the Objective(OBJ), Essay writing, and the Oral sections for paper 1, paper 2, and paper 3.

WAEC English Language Exams Expo 2023/2024

Disclaimer: We want to categorically and emphatically state that we at LekkiTunes do not provide expos to students of the Nigerian secondary schools but only give out guides.

These guides are culled from the analysis of thousands of past questions and manuscripts by our team using data analysis tools built with Python.

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Our model questions are very likely similar to what you will encounter in the exam hall, so read them as if you will be studying for your exams.

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

Use the following WAEC English Questions and Answers snippet from past questions for practice purposes, read down for more details

Instruction: Choose the word that best Fill in the spaces:

1. Looking at Ade, he _____ a bad egg and must be disciplined.

A. was

B. that

C. On

D. Is

E. At

Solution: The Correct Answer is D.

2. My friend, he said, _____ bags are really heavy.

A. You’re

B. Yours

C. You

D. Your

E. You’d

Solution: The Correct Answer is D.

3. As tall as I was, I _____ see above the fence.

A. Wouldn’t

B. Can

C. Couldn’t

D. Cannot

E. Should

Solution: The Correct Answer is C.

4. The magnitude of the slap was so _____

A. Thunderous

B. Tepid

C. Bulgariaceous

D. Voluptuous

E. Expo

Solution: The Correct Answer is A

In each of the statements below, choose the word that best explains the meaning of the bold word(s)

1. Patrick was so exhausted he had to hit the sack


WAEC English Paper 1 Objectives(OBJ) Exams 2023/2024

The WAEC English Questions and Answers objective questions are normally about 60 in total with an allotted time of one hour thirty minutes (1hr 30 mins).

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It features text boxes where you will have to tick only one out of the five boxes provided.

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WAEC English Language Theory Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Paper 2)

The Paper 2 of the WAEC English Language Questions and Answers is Characterized by Theory, Essay, and Letter writing.

In letter writing, you will be required to write a formal or informal letter.

See samples of how to write Letters below

Format For English Language Letter/Essay Writing 2023/2024

We bring you the 2022 format for writing an effective letter that will blow your examiner away and give you that 100% you’ve always wanted.

WAEC Oral English Paper 3 Questions and Answers 2023/2024

The WAEC English Questions and Answers Paper 3 is oral and serves to test the candidate’s level of expertise in concord and phonics.

The time allotted for this test is one hour and thirty minutes (1hr 30mins) with a total of 60 questions.

This will also serve to test the candidate’s knowledge of the vowels and consonants letters of English, and abilities.

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See samples below of possible WAEC English Oral paper questions and Answers in 2022/2023:

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1. Which of the following words does not have the same stress pattern as the word “Favicon”

A. blower

B. Gravity

C. Radical

D. Favorite

The Solution is A

2. Which of the following words contains the sound as / ǝu /?

A. Open

B. Black

C. Blade

D. Swath

The Solution is A

3. Choose the word that best rhymes with “Bright”

A. Glider

B. Roth

C. Foil

D. Height

The Solution is D

WAEC Question Format & Instructions 2023/2024

In order to avoid failing WAEC, there is a list of rules all the applicants need to follow that they may not be aware of.

We will simply go through these unwritten rules so that they be in the know:

1. Always double-check to ensure your details are correctly written on your question paper.

2. Do not write your name and number on more than one answer sheet in the exam hall.

3. Avoid doing expo at all costs.

4. Always read and understand the instructions on your answer booklet before attempting questions.

5. In your objectives, do not shade more than one answer as shading two


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