The Ritual Slaughter – Part 3


Part 3

If you insist you ain’t going anywhere with me I rather stay back and fight all this shit with you.. Kennedy told Peace

Maureen has never loved me as a sister, she just hate me
Whatever I do irritates her, I’ve tried my best to make peace with her but she doesn’t want.. Peace cried

It’s fine, I’ll talk to Barnabas.. Kennedy replied patting her

Maureen left the house very early the next day, she didn’t tell anyone where she was heading to
She and her mum had an appointment to meet a native doctor.

They got to the shrine which was decorated with all kinds of craft work, human skeletons, red and black clothes everywhere, and a gong was lying on the floor
Everything in the shrine terrified Maureen.

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She looked at her mum, who was scared but gave her a nod to move forward
The native doctor was incantating when they entered and sat on the black material, which was lying carelessly on the floor

“I am here once again, Odogwu,” Maureen’s mum Choice said.

“What brought you here again?” the native doctor asked.

“I came here with my daughter, Odogwu, she needs your help,” Choice replied.

“What does she want?” he asked again as he turned to face them.

Talk! Her mum told her

Mum you’re the one who has been talking nah..

Erm, her sister, yes! Her sister has been on her nerves, Odogwu, and she is pregnant, she wants…

“We want her to have a miscarriage,” Maureen corrected.

Is the lady in question your daughter? Asked the native doctor who stared at Maureen’s mum with disappointment

“Yes, she is, but she is too…”

“I’ll do what you asked for,” he interrupted, beating the gong seven times.

“I’ll give you a pot, when you get home once it’s 1: O’clock midnight, carry the pot, call her name seven times, and make your wish, but that pot mustn’t touch the floor.

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Any day the pot touches the ground, that day will be your end,” he instructed, going inside one of his thatched rooms to get the pot.

“How do I carry the pot home?” Maureen asked as soon as the native doctor left.

“We will buy a sack bag on our way home. I’ll help you put the pot inside the bag. You will stop at the market to buy foodstuffs so that your husband will think you’re coming from the market, but remember the pot mustn’t touch the ground,” her mum said.

“Mum, I don’t want to die ooo,” Maureen said faintly.

“You won’t die. You have your own separate room, so keep it there and lock it up.”

The native doctor came out and handed the pot over to Maureen, who carried the pot with all carefulness. Her mum dropped some money inside the calabash and left.

“Let me help you, honey,” Maureen’s husband said the moment he saw his wife struggling with the foodstuffs.

“Just carry this one,” she replied, handing him the bag which contained foodstuffs, while she carried the other bag to her room. She placed the pot perfectly on the bed and smiled, she was about dancing when someone knocked. She carried the pot to her wardrobe and ran to open the door.

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“Can I come in?” Kennedy Peace’s husband asked.

“Erm, let’s go to the parlour,” Maureen replied.

“No, I think here is safer,” he insisted.

“Okay,” Maureen replied as she looked around her room. Kennedy entered and locked the door behind him; he sat.

“Why do you hate your sister so much?” Kennedy asked.

“I don’t understand; can you repeat that question again?”

“Why do you hate Peace?” he repeated.

“She took you away from me,” Maureen replied with a teary voice.

“Yes, she did, but you left me for my brother.”

“Can we just stop talking about this, Kennedy?” Maureen said as Kennedy planted a kiss on her lip.

“Kennedy, please stop…”

“But you still want me, huh?” Kennedy replied, taking off his clothes (you know the rest).

Maureen stayed awake till 1: O’clock. She sneaked out of bed and tiptoed to her room. She did as she was told and went back to meet her husband on the bed.

Why can’t you share our stories , am not happy to you all,

To Be Continued

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