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JAMB Chemistry Questions And Answers 2023

JAMB Chemistry Questions And Answers 2023, For UTME candidates seeking Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers in 2023, particularly those aspiring for fields like Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Engineering, and other Physical Science courses, this resource provides authentic Chemistry JAMB questions and answers for the upcoming year. Your task is to thoroughly review and study this material multiple times, preparing yourself to excel in your Chemistry exam.

What are Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023

Anticipate encountering Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023, which encompass the inquiries slated for your Chemistry exam in the 2023 UTME, alongside their corresponding solutions.

It bears immense significance that all candidates preparing for the impending 2023 JAMB Chemistry assessment peruse these questions. By doing so, they can gain insight into the content they’ll face within the JAMB CBT venue. This insight serves to bolster their self-assurance and secure them a commendable score.

Revealing Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023!

This platform unveils Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023, catering to all individuals enrolled for the Chemistry paper.

Your serendipitous encounter with this vital page is indeed fortunate!

These questions are authentic, while the answers are precise, stemming from our fervent desire to witness your JAMB triumph and eventual admission.

Within the subsequent segments, you will find the Chemistry questions anticipated in your 2023 JAMB examination, alongside comprehensive solutions. Should any queries persist, you may avail the comments section for elucidation, and we shall furnish you with a more intricate explanation.

JAMB assumes a profound magnitude, requiring you to address 40 questions in JAMB Chemistry 2023 within a span of 26 minutes. Thus, it is paramount that you meticulously absorb the insights divulged on this page.

Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 1 – 10]

1. Which of the following is a mixture?
A. Sodium chloride
B. Sea water
C. Iron filings
D. Granulated sugar

2. Two elements, X and Y, have atomic numbers 8 and 13 respectively. The formula for the possible compound found between X and Y is
A. Y2X3 B. XY2
C. X3Y2 D. X2Y3

3. 3 g of a mixture of CaO and CaCO3 was heated to a constant mass. If 0.44 g of CO2 was liberated, calculate the percentage of CaO in the mixture.
A. 33.3% B. 50%
C. 66.67% D. 25%

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4. An alkanoic acid has a molecular mass of 88. Its molecular formula is

5. If the rate of diffusion of oxygen is taken as 1cm3s-1, what will be the rate of diffusion of methane whose relative molecular mass is 16?
A. 2.0 B. 1.8
C. 1.4 D. 1.0

6. An increase in temperature causes an increase in the pressure of a gas in a fixed volume due to an increase in the
A. Number of molecules of the gas
B. Density of the gas molecules
C. Number of collisions between the gas molecules
D. Number of collisions between the gas molecules and the walls of the container

7. In electrolysis, the chemical reaction which takes place at the anode is
A. dissociation B. hydrolysis
C. oxidation D. reduction

8. In the electrolysis of brine, it is essential to prevent the mixing of the products because
A. sodium and chlorine readily combine
B. chlorine gives a green coloration
C. chlorine readily recombines with sodium hydroxide
D. sodium hydroxide forms a carbonate in the presence of air and chlorine

9. In what way is equilibrium constant for the forward reaction related to that of the reverse reaction?
A. The two equilibrium constants are identical
B. The product of the two is always greater than one
C. The product of the two is expected to be one
D. The addition of the two is expected to be one

10. When chlorine water is exposed to sunlight, the gas evolved is
A. Cl2 B. O2
C. HCl D. CO2

Answers to Chemistry Question Number 1 – 10

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.C
6.D 7.C 8.D 9.C 10.B

Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. Two immiscible liquids with different boiling points can be separated by
A. the use of separating funnel
B. evaporation
C. distillation
D. decantation

12. A mixture of CaCl2 and CaCO3 in water can be separated by
A. evaporation B. sublimation
C. distillation D. decantation

13. Consider the reaction represented by
xPb(NO3)2 → 2PbO + yNO2 + zO2
What are the values of x, y and z respectively?
A. 2, 6, 3 B. 1, 4, 2
C. 2, 4, 1 D. 2, 4, 2

14. 20 cm3 of H2 mixed and separated with 100 cm3 of air containing 21% O2. Calculate the volume of the residual gases at 110 °C.
A. 31 cm3 B. 11 cm3
C. 90 cm3 D. 110 cm3

15. What is responsible for metallic bonding?
A. Sharing of electrons between the metal atoms
B. Attraction between the atomic nuclei and the cloud of electrons
C. Transfer of electrons from one atom to another
D. Attraction between positive and negative ions

16. 25 cm3 of 1.5 M solution of NaCl are added to 50 cm3 0f 3 M NaCl. The molar concentration of the resulting solution is
A. 2.5 M B. 3 M
C. 2.25 M D. 4.5 M

17. A solution of salt formed from HCl and NH3 solutions is
A. acidic B. basic
C. complex D. neutral

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18. Which of the following elements will burn in excess oxygen to form a product that is neutral to litmus?
A. Carbon B. Hydrogen
C. Sulphur D. Sodium

19. A current was passed for 10 mins and 0.2 mole of Cu was deposited. How many grammes of Ag will it deposit? (Cu = 64, Ag = 108)
A. 43.2g B. 21.6g
C. 10.8g D. 5.4g

20. Pollution of underground water by metal ions is very likely in a soil that has high
A. acidity
B. alkalinity
C. chloride content
D. nitrate content

Answers to Chemistry Question Number 11 – 20

11.A 12.D 13.C 14.D 15.B
16.A 17.A 18.B 19.A 20.D

Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. The presence of NaCl in ice will
A. lower the boiling point of NaCl
B. increase the melting point of NaCl
C. make NaCl impure
d. lower the melting point of ice

22. What are the values of x, y and z in the equation below?
xNH3 + yO2 → zNO + 6H2O
A. 2, 3, 4 B. 4, 5, 4
C. 6, 5, 4 D. 2, 3, 4

23. Calculate the volume of CO2 measured at s.t.p produced on heating 250g of potassium hydrogen trioxocarbonate(IV) strongly. (K = 39, H = 1, C = 12, O = 16)
A. 28 dm3 B. 2.8 dm3
C. 5.6 dm3 D. 11.2 dm3

24. The boiling points of water, ethanol, methylbenzene and butan-2-ol are 373.0K, 351.3K, 383.6K and 372.5K respectively. Which liquid has the highest vapour pressure at 323.0K?
A. Water B. Methylbenzene
C. Ethanol D. Butan-2-ol

25. The conclusion from Rutherford’s alpha-scattering experiment is that
A. Atoms are mostly empty space with a small nucleus
B. Emissions from radioactive substances consist of three main components
C. There is a nuclear pull on orbital electrons
D. Electrons are deflected by both magnetic and electric fields

26. Elements P, Q and R have atomic numbers 9, 16 and 20 respectively. Which of them would gain electron(s) during ionic bonding?
A. Q and R B. P and R
C. P and Q D. P, Q and R

27. Which of the following has the lowest pH?
A. 5cm3 of M/10 HCl
B. 10cm3 of M/10 HCl
C. 20cm3 of M/8 HCl
D. 15cm3 of M/2 HCl

28. Which of the following is an acid salt?
C. KHSO4 D. MgSO4.7H2O

29. CrO2-7 + 14H+ + 6I → 2Cr3+ + 3I2 + 7H2O
The change in the oxidation number of oxygen in the equation above is
A. 0 B. 1
C. 2 D. 7

30. During the electrolysis of CuSO4 solution using Platinum electrodes, which of the following occurs?
A. Acidity increases at the cathode
B. Oxygen is liberated at the cathode
C. pH decreases at the cathode
D. pH of solution decreases

Answers to Chemistry Question Number 21 – 30

21.D 22.B 23.A 24.C 25.A
26.C 27.D 28.C 29.A 30.D

Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. Crystallization is a better method of separation than precipitation because
A. precipitation tends to bring other solutes out of solution
B. crystallization is applicable to all solids
C. precipitation always involves salting-out
D. crystallization can only be done at high temperatures

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32. Which of the following is not a chemical change?
A. burning of magnesium
B. rusting of iron
C. action of water on potassium
D. dissolving powdered sulfur in carbon disulfide

33. An important ore of iron contains 72.36% iron and 27.64% oxygen. Determine its empirical formula
A. FeO B. Fe2O3
C. Fe3O4 D. Fe2O2

34. Which of the following decreases when a given mass of gas is compressed to half its initial volume?
A. average intermolecular distance
B. frequency of collision
C. number of molecules present
D. atomic radius of each particle

35. The densities of two gases X and Y are 2.5gdm-3 and 10.0gdm-3 respectively. What is the rate of diffusion of X relative to Y?
A. 1:2.5 B. 2.5:1
C. 1:2 D. 2:1

36. The properties of elements are periodic functions of their
A. atomic number B. atomic radius
C. atomic volume D. mass number

37. Which of the following solutions containing only hydroxyl ions will liberate hydrogen gas when reacted with Mg metals?
A. 1.0×10-5moldm-3 B. 1.0×10-13moldm-3
C. 1.0×10-3moldm-3 D. 1.0×10-2moldm-3

38. In the redox reaction
2Fe2+ + Cl2 → 2Fe3+ + 2Cl–
A. Cl2 is reduced because it has lost electrons
B. Cl2 is reduced because its oxidation number has decreased
C. Fe2+ is reduced because it has lost electrons
D. Fe2+ is reduced because it has gained electrons

39. During electrolysis of molten sodium chloride,
A. chlorine atom gains an electron
B. chloride ion gains an electron
C. chloride ion is oxidized
D. sodium ion is oxidized

40. Coffee stains are removed with
A. turpentine B. ammonia
C. borax in water D. kerosene

Answers to Chemistry Question Number 31 – 40

31.A 32.D 33.A 34.A 35.D
36.A 37.B 38.B 39.C 40.C


In summary, this resource offers a comprehensive compilation of JAMB Chemistry Questions And Answers for the 2023 UTME, designed to aid aspiring candidates, especially those pursuing fields like Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Engineering, and other Physical Science courses. By reviewing and familiarizing themselves with these questions, candidates can enhance their preparedness and confidence, ultimately aiming for a strong performance in the JAMB CBT examination. The authenticity of the questions and accuracy of the provided answers underline the dedication to facilitating candidates’ success and admission achievement.

Navigating through the subsequent sections of this resource, candidates will encounter a thorough presentation of the Chemistry questions anticipated in the upcoming 2023 JAMB exam, coupled with detailed solutions. In the event of queries or uncertainties, candidates are encouraged to utilize the comments section for further clarifications, ensuring a deeper understanding.

It is essential to acknowledge the gravity of the JAMB examination, where candidates are required to tackle 40 Chemistry questions within a limited timeframe of 26 minutes. Hence, the insights and information shared on this platform hold significant importance, guiding candidates towards effective preparation and optimal performance on the examination day.


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