“In anger, I tweeted what you read,” Bosun tells Senate

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Bosun Tijani, a tech practitioner and clerical designee for President Tinubu’s press, explained the reason behind his controversial tweets during a scrutiny session in the Red chamber on Saturday.

All clerical appointees have been facing scrutiny within the past week.

Senator Buhari (Oyo North) questioned Tijani’s nationalism for Nigeria based on his old tweets that resurfaced after President Tinubu nominated him for a clerical appointment on Wednesday.

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In response, Tijani clarified that he made those tweets out of frustration over a visa application experience with China and reaffirmed his commitment to Nigeria’s development.

He shared how his tech endeavors aimed to uplift the country and how he housed his business in Nigeria to support local growth.

Tijani further explained the context of his tweets, highlighting his efforts to present a positive image of Nigeria for the sake of his daughters’ future.

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The designee holds two degrees from the University of Jos and a Master’s degree from the Warwick Business School in England, as well as completing a Ph.D. program at the University of Leicester.

Tijani is the CEO and co-founder of Mecca, and he played a significant role in expanding CcHub across Nigeria, Kenya, and Namibia.

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