Illegal fuel suppliers in Nigerian airports apprehended

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The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has recently conducted investigations, uncovering illegal fuel suppliers operating at Nigerian airports, providing fuel to unsuspecting airlines.

This came to light after a contamination incident involving Max Air. During the investigation, the NCAA found that some unapproved JET A1 marketers had infiltrated the airports, engaging in unauthorized supply.

Captain Musa Nuhu, the Director-General of NCAA, revealed this discovery during a Zoom meeting with aviation correspondents. He mentioned that the unregistered fuel suppliers were not on the list of approved aviation fuel companies furnished by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). The NCAA is now collaborating with the DPR and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to address this issue and prevent illegal fuel suppliers from operating within the airports.

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In connection with the contaminated fuel incident, the authorities have identified the companies involved in selling the fuel to MaxAir. They are determined to take appropriate action against these defaulting suppliers in accordance with the law.

During his speech, Captain Musa Nuhu also addressed the recent Jabiru Aircraft crash in Lagos. He expressed confidence in the Nigeria Safety Investigation Bureau’s (NSIB) capability to investigate the cause of the accident. He urged everyone to avoid making unfounded speculations and wait for the official report from NSIB.

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Furthermore, Captain Nuhu defended the Director of Airworthiness Services against unwarranted criticism following the accident. He emphasized the director’s competence and dedication in identifying illegal fuel companies, despite facing unjustified accusations.


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