Quick and Convenient Methods to Check and Activate Your Glo Number for Free (2023)

Discover Effortless Methods to Verify Your Glo Phone Number. This comprehensive article offers a range of techniques to help you easily check your phone number on the Glo network. Enjoy your informative read.

A Beginner’s Guide to Checking Your Glo Number

Glo, a prominent telecommunications network in Nigeria and Africa, stands as one of the largest in its industry.

Each Glo customer is assigned a distinctive Glo phone number, enabling them to connect with individuals on the same network as well as other networks. It is crucial for everyone to be familiar with their Glo phone numbers, but occasionally, one may forget their number.

Whether you are a new SIM card user still adjusting to your number or have inadvertently misplaced some digits, there’s no need to panic. Rest assured, there are methods available to check your phone number on the Glo network.

Simple Methods to Check Your Glo Number

Numerous individuals often find themselves stumped when trying to answer the question, “How can I check my Glo number on my phone?” While it may initially appear challenging, rest assured that there are straightforward methods to discover your Glo number.

Step 1 on How to Check your Glo Number

If you’re eager to swiftly learn how to check phone numbers on Glo, pay close attention to this technique:

  1. Insert the Glo SIM card for which you want to retrieve the phone number into a phone.
  2. Dial 1244 from the same line.
  3. Attentively listen to the voice prompts provided by the automated system, which will announce your Glo number.
  4. Jot down the number in a safe place.

That’s it! Conducting a Glo number check using the code 1244 is as simple as can be.

Step 2 on how to know Glo number

Here’s an alternative approach that utilizes a USSD code to obtain your Glo number.

Method: Check Glo Number with USSD

If you’re seeking a convenient code to check your Glo number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *135*8# on your phone.
  2. Shortly after initiating the call, a message or prompt will appear on your screen, displaying your Glo mobile phone number.
  3. Take note of the number provided.

This USSD code serves as a reliable method to retrieve your Glo number and can be used whenever needed.

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Step 3 on how to get Glo number

Here’s an uncomplicated yet occasionally time-consuming method to check your Glo phone number.

Method: Check Glo Number by Dialing 121 (Customer Care)

To check your phone number on Glo, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 121, which is the Glo customer care line.
  2. Please be patient, as it might take some time before you connect with a customer care service agent.
  3. Once connected, kindly request assistance in retrieving your Glo phone number.
  4. The customer care representative will guide you through the process and provide you with your phone number.

Although it may require some waiting time, contacting Glo’s customer care service at 121 will ultimately help you retrieve your phone number.


Numerous individuals often wonder how to find their Glo number, the code to check it, or how to view it. Fortunately, the answers to these questions are straightforward. Here they are:

  1. Dial 1244 and patiently wait for the automated system to announce your Glo number.
  2. Dial *135*8# and await a message that will display your Glo number.
  3. Get in touch with a Glo customer care representative and kindly request your Glo number.

By following these steps, you can easily find, check, and view your Glo number without any hassle.

Table Showing 3 Ways to Check Your GLO Number Fast and Easy

S/N Way to Check My Glo Number
1 Dial 1244 and wait for the automatic system voice to call out your number
2 Dial *135*8# and wait for a message containing your Glo number
3 Contact a Glo customer care 121 representative and request your Glo number.

Table Showing 3 Ways to Check Your GLO Number Fast and Easy

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I know my Glo Number?

To know your Glo number, you can try the following methods:

  1. Dial *135*8#:
    Dial *135*8# from your Glo SIM card. After a moment, you will receive a message displaying your Glo number.
  2. Dial 1244: Dial 1244 from your Glo SIM card and listen to the automated voice prompt. The system will announce your Glo number.
  3. Check your phone settings: For smartphone users, you can check your phone settings. Navigate to the “About” or “Phone” section, where you should find your Glo number listed.
  4. Contact Glo customer care: You can reach out to Glo’s customer care service by dialing 121 from your Glo number. Speak to a customer care representative and request your Glo number. They will assist you accordingly.

By using these methods, you can easily find out your Glo number.

What is Glo USSD code?

The Glo USSD code refers to a specific code that you can dial on your Glo network-enabled phone to access various services and features. Here are some commonly used Glo USSD codes:

  1. *135*8#: This USSD code allows you to check your Glo phone number. Dialing this code will display your Glo number on your phone’s screen.
  2. *1244#: By dialing this USSD code, you can access the Glo customer care service to get assistance with various inquiries, requests, or information.
  3. *123#: This USSD code provides access to the Glo balance inquiry service. Dialing it allows you to check your account balance, data balance, and other related information.
  4. *777#: By dialing this USSD code, you can access the Glo product and service menu. It provides options to manage your account, recharge, subscribe to data plans, and more.
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These are just a few examples of Glo USSD codes. Glo offers a range of USSD codes for different services and purposes. You can explore more options by dialing the relevant USSD codes on your Glo phone.

All GLO USSD Codes

  1. *777# to subscribe to any Glo data plan
  2. *321# to borrow data or airtime
  3. #124# to check your account balance
  4. *230# to subscribe to Glo YAKATA
  5. *127*0# to check your data balance
  6. *100*9*2# to migrate to Friends & Family Glo list
  7. *101*1*Mobile number# to add 10 frequently called family and friends
  8. *135*8# to check your phone number
  9. *127*01*(friend’s number)# to add a number for data sharing 
  10. *127*02*(friend’s number)# to remove a number from data sharing 
  11. *127*00# to generate a list of people sharing your subscription
  12. *127*(USSD_Plan_Number)*(friend’s number)# to gift data plan
  13. *805# to buy data and credit through your bank (Universal code)

How can I Activate my Glo Number?

To activate your Glo number, follow these steps:

  1. Insert your Glo SIM card into a mobile phone.
  2. Ensure that your phone has a strong network signal.
  3. Power on your phone and wait for it to recognize the Glo network.
  4. You will receive an SMS notification from Glo containing important information about your SIM card and activation status.
  5. Make a call, send a message, or use data services on your Glo SIM to initiate the activation process.
  6. Wait for a confirmation message from Glo indicating that your SIM card has been successfully activated.
  7. Restart your phone to complete the activation process.

If you experience any issues during the activation process, you can contact Glo customer care by dialing 121 for further assistance. They will guide you through the necessary steps to activate your Glo number successfully.

How Do I Check my Glo Balance?

To check your Glo balance and get information about your remaining airtime, data balance, and other account details, you can use the following methods:

  • Dial *124#: Simply dial *124# on your Glo SIM card, and a menu will appear on your phone screen. Follow the instructions provided to check your balance and access other account information.
  • Dial *777#: Dialing *777# will bring up the Glo product and service menu. From there, you can select the option for balance inquiry or account information to check your balance and other details.
  • Send a text message: Send an SMS with the content “BAL” to 127. Shortly after, you will receive a message from Glo containing your balance information.
  • Use the Glo self-service portal: Visit the Glo self-service portal on their official website and log in to your account. Once logged in, you will find options to check your balance, data usage, and other account details.

You can choose the method that is most convenient for you to check your Glo balance and stay informed about your account status.

For Checking your Glo Data Balance

Here are the instructions for checking your Glo data balance. Please pay attention:

  1. Checking Glo Data Balance via SMS: To check your Glo data balance through SMS, send a message with the content “INFO” to 127. Within a few seconds or minutes, you will receive a message providing the details of your data balance.
  2. Checking Glo Data Balance via USSD/Code: To check your Glo data balance using USSD/code, dial *127*0# on your phone. After dialing the code, you will receive a message with the specifics of your data balance.
  3. Checking Glo Data Balance via USSD Menu: Alternatively, you can check your Glo data balance through the USSD menu. Dial *777# and follow the on-screen prompts. Select your current data plan, then choose the option “Manage data” to view your data balance.

Remember, the two Glo data balance codes are *127*0# and *777#.

In both cases, you will receive a message within a few seconds or minutes, providing you with the details of your data balance.

How to Activate Your Deactivated Glo Line

If you find yourself in a situation where your Glo line has been deactivated and you wish to reactivate it, follow these steps:

  • Visit a Glo office:

Head to a nearby Glo office or service center.

  • Bring the following documents and items:
  1. Sufficient funds (around 500 Naira).
  2. The SIM pack containing the deactivated Glo line and a list of five frequently dialed numbers associated with the line.
  3. A valid means of identification, such as a driver’s license, international passport, or voter’s card.
  4. The SIM pack or any evidence of purchase or ownership of the SIM. If this is unavailable, an affidavit attesting to the ownership and loss of the SIM may be accepted.
  5. Your National Identity Number (NIN).
  • Consult with Glo personnel:

Once at the Glo office, present the required documents and communicate your intention to reactivate the deactivated Glo line. The Glo staff will guide you through the remaining steps and provide further instructions based on your specific circumstances.

By following these guidelines and visiting the nearest Glo office, you can begin the process of reactivating your deactivated Glo line.

How do I Unhide My Glo Number?

To maintain your privacy by hiding your Glo number, you can use the code #31#. Follow these steps to hide your Glo number:

  1. Dial the code #31#: Before entering the phone number you wish to call, dial the code #31# on your phone.
  2. Add the recipient’s number: After dialing #31#, input the phone number of the person you want to call. For example, if the number is 09035742503, dial it as #31#09035742503.
  3. Make the call: Once you’ve entered the code and the recipient’s number, proceed to make the call. Your Glo number will be hidden, and the person receiving the call won’t see your identity.

To unhide your Glo number and make a regular call, simply dial the recipient’s number without the #31# code.

By using the #31# code, you can easily hide your Glo number when making calls for added privacy.

How do I Activate Glo 4G?

Glo 4G is an advanced broadband cellular network technology offered by the Glo network, providing faster connectivity compared to previous generations like 2G and 3G.

Glo 4G is designed to be compatible with the majority of smartphones, and in many cases, it automatically activates when you insert a compatible Glo 4G SIM card into your device.

To verify if your phone is compatible with Glo 4G, you can easily check by sending a text message. Just compose a new text message and type “4G” as the message content. Send the message to the number 400. Shortly after, you will receive a response indicating whether your phone is compatible with Glo 4G.

This simple method allows you to quickly determine if your device supports Glo 4G, enabling you to take advantage of the faster speeds and enhanced network performance offered by Glo’s 4G network.

How Can I Get Free Credit on Glo SIM?

To obtain free credit on your Glo SIM, taking advantage of bonuses and promotions is the most effective approach. Currently, Glo offers a lucrative offer where customers who haven’t used their SIM cards for over 30 days receive 6 times the value of their first recharge. To benefit from this offer, locate a Glo SIM that has been inactive for at least 30 days and proceed to make your initial recharge, as it will be multiplied by 6.

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Furthermore, Glo provides various tariff plans that offer bonus airtime to subscribers. By selecting these tariff plans, you can enjoy additional credit based on specific usage patterns, recharge amounts, or promotional offers. It is advisable to explore the available tariff plans on Glo and choose one that aligns with your communication needs and offers bonus airtime as an incentive.

By being mindful of these bonus offers, promotions, and tariff plans on Glo, you can maximize the free credit opportunities and enjoy more value for your recharges.

How Can I Double My Data on Glo?

To increase your data allowance on Glo, you can take advantage of the Glo Double Data promo. This promotional offer grants new Glo users a 125% bonus on their data subscriptions.

By opting for the Glo Double Data promo, new users can enjoy significant data benefits. For instance, if you purchase a 6-gigabyte data plan, you will receive a bonus allocation of 7.5 gigabytes, totaling 13.5 gigabytes. This translates to more than double the original data amount.

The beauty of the double data promo is that it comes with no limitations. You have the flexibility to utilize the bonus data on any application, browser, or internet-enabled device of your choice. This allows you to fully enjoy your data subscription across various platforms without any restrictions.

Make sure to inquire about the Glo Double Data promo when acquiring your Glo SIM or contact Glo customer care for more details on how to activate this enticing offer.

Which Glo Plan gives More Data?

With the Glo YAKATA plan, new Glo users can enjoy generous data benefits. Upon subscribing to the plan, users receive 6 gigabytes of data every month for a total of 6 months, accumulating to a whopping 36 gigabytes.

What makes the Glo YAKATA plan even more appealing is that it continues to offer incredible data deals and packages beyond the initial 6-month period. Users can expect to access unparalleled data offers and enjoy additional data benefits that surpass what other plans provide.

To migrate to the Glo YAKATA plan, simply dial *230# and follow the prompts to complete the migration process. To confirm your successful migration to the Glo YAKATA plan, dial *100# and check for the confirmation message or notification.

By opting for the Glo YAKATA plan and using the respective migration code, you can unlock a world of amazing data benefits and take advantage of the exceptional data offers available. Stay connected and enjoy extensive data resources with the Glo YAKATA plan.

How do I Reactivate My Old SIM Card?

In a recent development, the Federal Government has lifted the ban on activating or reactivating SIM cards in Nigeria. This means that individuals can now go ahead and reactivate their previously deactivated SIM cards.

To reactivate your SIM card, simply visit a prominent office or authorized outlet of your network provider, whether it be MTN, Glo, 9mobile, or Airtel.

During the reactivation process, you will need to provide certain documents. These include your National Identification Number (NIN) and proof of ownership of the SIM card. Additionally, a valid means of identification such as a driver’s license, international passport, or national identity card will be required.

By visiting the designated office or outlet of your network provider and presenting the necessary documents, you can successfully reactivate your SIM card and regain access to its services.

How can I get Glo Customer Care Fast?

Waiting on a Glo customer care representative to pick up and answer your complaints or help with an issue can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, you have to wait for several minutes, and the call cuts by itself at the end of the day.

It is not your fault. If there’s anyone in a position to fix that, it is the Glo telecommunications network itself.

There’s no official way of getting a Glo customer care representative to pick up fast. You just have to keep on trying and hope that they do.

How do I know if my SIM Card is Deactivated?

The indications of a deactivated SIM card are evident and easy to recognize. Essentially, you will be unable to make or receive calls and text messages using that particular SIM card. Furthermore, you will lose the ability to purchase data or browse the internet with that SIM card.

When a SIM card is deactivated, it essentially becomes non-functional until you take the necessary steps to reactivate it. During this period, the SIM card cannot be utilized for any communication or data-related services.

To resolve this issue, you need to find a means to reactivate your deactivated SIM card. Contact your network provider or visit their nearest office to inquire about the reactivation process. They will provide you with the required information and guide you through the steps to reactivate your SIM card.

Can you Reuse a Deactivated SIM Card?

Indeed, to reactivate your deactivated SIM card, it is necessary to visit a prominent outlet or office of your mobile network provider, such as GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile, or MTN. At the outlet, you can request the reactivation of your SIM card.

Once the reactivation process is completed, you will regain the ability to use your SIM card and enjoy its associated services, including making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, as well as accessing data services.

How Long does an inactive Glo SIM Last?

As per the regulations set by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), SIM cards are considered national resources. Therefore, telecommunication companies have the authority to reassign inactive SIMs to new users after a period of 180 days.

It is not uncommon for individuals to misplace their SIM cards due to incidents such as theft, damage, or simply forgetting them somewhere. The small size of SIM cards makes them particularly susceptible to being misplaced or lost when removed from a phone.

If you have lost your Glo SIM card and it holds significant importance to you, you have the option of Glo SIM retrieval. This process allows you to reclaim your previous line and phone number. For many individuals, opting for SIM retrieval is preferable to purchasing and registering a new Glo SIM card.

This is the process of how to retrieve Glo SIM

To initiate the process of Glo SIM retrieval, you will need to visit a Gloworld office or authorized outlet. Follow these steps to proceed with SIM retrieval:

1. Request SIM retrieval: Inform the customer care representative at the Gloworld office about your intention to retrieve your lost SIM card.

2. Fill out the SIM replacement form: You will be provided with a SIM replacement form that requires certain information. Fill out the form accurately, including details such as frequently dialed phone numbers associated with the SIM, the SIM’s phone number, mother’s maiden name, last recharge amount, and other basic information.

3. Verify your details: After submitting the form, the Glo customer care agent will verify the provided details to ensure the authenticity of the request.

4. Pay the retrieval fee: To receive the new SIM pack, you will be required to pay a retrieval fee of 500 Naira. This fee covers the cost of the SIM replacement.

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5. Bring necessary documents: Make sure to bring the following documents with you:

  • Valid means of identification: Driver’s license, National ID card, Voter’s card, or International Passport.
  • The SIM pack of the lost SIM or any other legitimate evidence of purchase/ownership of the SIM. If you cannot provide this, an affidavit or police report stating the ownership and loss of the SIM may be accepted.
  • National Identity Number (NIN): Ensure you have your NIN handy as it is a mandatory requirement.

What is the Glo call me back Code?

If you wish to send a free message requesting a callback on the Glo network, follow these steps:

  • Dial *125*RECIPIENT NUMBER# on your Glo phone. For example, if you want to send the message to the number 08033334444, dial *125*08033334444#.
  • Wait for the message to be delivered. The recipient should receive your “Please, call me back” message within a few seconds or sometimes within a minute or two.

What is the Code for Glo Balance Inquiry? 

To check your Glo airtime balance, dial #124# on your Glo SIM. Within seconds, you will receive a message containing the details of your airtime balance. This simple USSD code allows you to quickly check your account balance on the Glo network.

For checking your Glo data balance, you have two options. Firstly, dial *127*0# on your Glo SIM to check your data balance via USSD. Within seconds, you will receive a message with the details of your data balance.

Alternatively, you can dial *777# on your Glo SIM, select your current data plan, and then choose “Manage data” to check your data balance. Once again, a message will be sent to you within seconds containing the information you need.

Both methods provide you with a convenient way to check your data balance on the Glo network.

What is Glo SIM Swap?

Glo SIM swap is a convenient feature designed for Glo users who have lost or damaged their SIM cards. It allows them to retrieve their existing phone numbers and activate them on new SIM cards, all from the comfort of their homes. When performing a SIM swap, subscribers will undergo a proper authentication process at a Gloworld outlet, and upon successful verification, they will receive a new SIM card along with a new PIN.

To initiate the Glo SIM swap process, simply dial *305*PIN# on your phone. This code will kickstart the procedure, guiding you through the necessary steps to complete the SIM swap.

With the Glo SIM swap feature and the *305*PIN# code, you can easily recover your phone number and continue using it seamlessly with a new SIM card.

What is Glo Message Center Number?

The message center number for Glo is +2348050001501. This number is important when you encounter difficulties sending text messages to other phone numbers. To resolve any issues with your Glo message center number, follow these steps:

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Select More settings.
  4. Choose Text Messages.
  5. Click on the option corresponding to your Glo SIM card.
  6. Enter the Glo message center number (+2348050001501) in the designated space.
  7. Click on Okay to save the changes.
  8. Restart your phone.
  9. Try sending the message again to see if the issue is resolved.

How to Share Data on Glo

Glo data sharing is a convenient feature that enables users to share their data subscriptions with others on the network. Although it is a simple process, many people are unaware of how to use it effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to share data on Glo:

Begin by adding the individuals you wish to share your subscription with.

  • Dial *127*01*(friend’s number)# or
  • Send “Share (friend’s number)” to 127.

For example:

  • Dial *127*01*080533333333# or
  • Send “Share 08033333333” to 127.

How to share Glo data is that simple!

Sharing and unsharing Glo data is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can unshare data on Glo:

To remove a phone number from your list of beneficiaries:

  • Dial *127*02*(friend’s number)# or
  • Send “Remove (friend’s number)” to 127.

For example:

  • Dial *127*02*080533333333# or
  • Send “Remove 080533333333” to 127.

To check the list of people on your sharing list:

  • Dial *127*00# or
  • Send “List” to 127.

What is the Glo Recharge Code?

The Glo recharge code or USSD is *123*. To recharge your Glo line, follow these simple steps:

Dial *123*15-digit-number#.

Replace “15-digit-number” with the actual 15-digit recharge PIN provided on your recharge card.

For example, if your recharge PIN is 123456789012345, you would dial *123*123456789012345#.

How to Borrow Airtime from Glo

Borrowing airtime from Glo is a simple process. If you meet the eligibility criteria for borrowing airtime, follow these steps:

Dial *321*pin*amount# on your Glo line.

Replace “pin” with your unique borrowing PIN and “amount” with the desired airtime amount you wish to borrow.

For example, if your borrowing PIN is 4321 and you want to borrow 100 naira, dial *321*4321*100#.

Please note that the borrowed amount will be deducted from your next recharge automatically.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo

The Glo Share and Sell feature allows you to transfer airtime easily on the Glo network. To initiate an airtime transfer on Glo, you need to set up a transfer PIN, which serves as a security code for the transaction.

To change your Glo transfer PIN, follow these steps:

Dial *132*default code*new transfer code*new transfer code#.

For instance, if you want to change your default PIN (0000) to 2456, dial *132*00000*2456*2456#.

You can also use this method to change from an old PIN to a new one by replacing the default transfer code with the old one.

Once your PIN is set, you can easily transfer airtime on Glo by dialing *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#.

For example, if you want to transfer 100 naira to 080533333333 and your PIN is 2456, dial *131*080533333333*100*2456#.

Please note that airtime transfers can only be made between Glo-to-Glo numbers.

How to Load Glo Card

Recharging your Glo line using a recharge card is still a valid method, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Purchase a Glo recharge card from a shop in your area.
  2. Depending on the type of recharge card you bought, you may need to scratch off a silver panel to reveal a 15-digit code. Some recharge cards may not require scratching.
  3. Recharge your line by dialing the following code: *123*PIN#. For example, if the 15-digit PIN is 122334455667788, dial it in this format: *123*122334455667788#.

How to Borrow Airtime on Glo

To borrow airtime on your Glo line, you can follow these steps:

  • Dial *321*PIN*AMOUNT# on your phone. For example, if your PIN is 2322 and you want to borrow 200 naira, dial *321*2322*200#.
  • After dialing the code, Glo will deduct a 10% service charge from the borrowed amount.


In conclusion, this rewrite emphasizes the important steps and information related to various Glo services. It covers topics such as checking Glo airtime balance, data balance, activating Glo 4G, getting free credit, doubling data, Glo Yakata plan, SIM reactivation, hiding your number, SIM retrieval, contacting Glo customer care, recognizing a deactivated SIM card, Glo SIM swap, setting the Glo message center number, data sharing, recharging Glo line, borrowing airtime, transferring airtime, and recharging with a Glo card.

These rewritten instructions provide a clear and concise guide for users to navigate through various Glo services and features, ensuring a better understanding and utilization of the network’s offerings.


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