2023 WAEC GCE Registration Instructions & Guidelines

2023 WAEC GCE Registration Instructions & Guidelines

2023 WAEC GCE Registration Instructions & Guidelines, The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has announced the start of registration for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates’ 2023 Second Series. The registration period begins on July 10, 2023. This exam offers a wide array of thirty-six subjects, and prospective candidates can verify available towns and subjects by visiting

The registration process, featuring biometric validation for enhanced security at exam centers, will be conducted online at The registration window remains open until August 27, 2023. Candidates are required to submit a fee of N18,000 along with their registration. To ensure successful registration, candidates must finalize the process within two weeks of their initial website access.

This official notification from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) serves to inform the general public and aspiring candidates about the upcoming registration phase, commencing on July 10, 2023.

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WAEC GCE Registration Period

The registration period for the WAEC GCE (West African Examinations Council General Certificate Examination) varies depending on the specific exam series (First Series or Second Series) and the year. The registration periods are typically announced by WAEC through official channels such as their website and press releases.

For accurate and up-to-date information regarding the registration period for the WAEC GCE, I recommend visiting the official WAEC website or contacting their customer support. They will provide you with the most current and accurate information about registration dates, deadlines, and procedures.

How to Apply for the 2023 WAEC GCE

To apply for the 2023 WAEC GCE (West African Examinations Council General Certificate Examination), follow these steps:

1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official WAEC website for your country (e.g., for Nigeria) to access the registration portal.

2. Navigate to Registration: Look for the “Registration” or “Apply for GCE” section on the website. This is where you’ll find the necessary information and forms.

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3. Read Instructions: Carefully read and understand the instructions and guidelines provided for the registration process. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements.

4. Create an Account: If required, create an account on the registration portal. You might need to provide your personal details and contact information.

5. Fill in Personal Details: Fill in your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, address, and contact information accurately.

6. Select Subjects: Choose the subjects you intend to sit for in the examination. Make sure to review the available subjects and their codes before making your selections.

7. Upload Photo and Signature: Upload a recent passport-sized photograph and your signature as per the specified format and size.

8. Biometric Information: Some WAEC GCE registrations might require biometric information for enhanced security. Follow the provided instructions to capture and submit your biometric data if necessary.

9. Review and Confirm: Review all the information you’ve provided to ensure accuracy. Make any necessary corrections before proceeding.

10. Make Payment: Pay the required examination fee using the provided payment options. Ensure you keep a record of your payment receipt.

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11. Print Confirmation: After successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation slip or receipt. Print or save this document as proof of registration.

12. Finalize Registration: Complete the registration process and keep track of any updates or notifications from WAEC regarding your examination details and center.

Remember that specific steps and requirements may vary based on your country and the series (First Series or Second Series) you are registering for. Always refer to the official WAEC website and any provided guidelines for the most accurate and current information on how to apply for the WAEC GCE.


Applying for the 2023 WAEC GCE involves steps such as visiting the official WAEC website, understanding instructions, creating an account if needed, providing accurate personal details, selecting subjects, uploading a photo and signature, submitting biometric data if required, reviewing and confirming information, making the fee payment, and saving the confirmation receipt. Stay updated with WAEC’s notifications and guidelines for accurate information.

Should you require more assistance or have further questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck with your WAEC GCE registration and preparations!

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